13 June 2007

Wednesday, 13th June 2007

It was another gorgeous day in Amman. The temperatures were nice and low and the breeze was so refreshing! We spent most of the forepart of the day just doing very little and went out in the afternoon. We had a great supper of Persian Rice prepared with saffron and other spices topped with half a chicken. It was accompanied by lentil soup that was some of the best I've had and salad of cucumbers, mint and parsley in yogurt. As a topper for the chicken and rice was a spicy sauce that can best be described as similar to Mexican salsa. After supper we enjoyed smoking and Turkish coffee.

After supper we were off to shop! There is a huge European discount store called Carrefour. It's like a Super Walmart. Everything was there! And the prices were absolutely unbelievable! I bought around $100 worth of spices for less than $2 and they are as fresh as tomorrow's news! We bought a few other items and then wandered round the attached mall for a bit before getting a taxi back to the hotel.

Our trip to Petra tomorrow was cancelled. Overbooked, I think. So we will take a half day tour of Madaba and Mount Nebo. Most of you probably remember seeing some pictures from there on the last trip I made here. Mt Nebo is the Memorial to Moses and in Madaba is a Greek Orthodox church with a tile mosaic on the floor that is the oldest known map of the world in existence. I am sure we missed some things doing it on our own last year, so this time we are taking a guided tour.

Petra will be on Friday. More later.

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Melanie said...

Dear Jim and Zeek,
I hope that breeze was accompanied by lovely Spanish guitar music like the CD you burned for me. The dinner sounds scrupmtious! Have a coffee for me, but I'll pass on the smoke....:) Have fun my friends!
Love to you both,