30 May 2010

Welcome, Welcome!

Do you fancy visiting the Holy Lands? Have you dreamt about walking in the footsteps of the Prophets, the Ummayads, the Romans, and more as you move about castles, ruins and archaeological sites dating back as much as 6000 years? Would you like to see the "Promised Land" from Mount Nebo as Moses did or spend some time in or near the water where Jesus was baptised by St John the Baptist?

Contact us and let us help you arrange an itinerary that fits your time and budget while fulfilling your dreams. We will collect you at the airport, drive you around the kingdom, get you the best deals at hotels and restaurants and take you back to the airport when you are ready to get back home.

We will show you sites most other tourists don't get to see because they aren't on the itineraries of most tour guides. For instance, have you ever wondered where the Prophet Lot lived after he escaped the destruction of Sodom? We will take you there. We will show you the Cave of the Seven Sleepers and let you relax in the hot springs at Ma'in or float about in the Dead Sea and luxuriate in the health giving spas.

Click the link below and allow us the honor of welcoming you to the Holy Lands with our unique services.

Languages spoken: Arabic, English, Hebrew (all native speakers).