23 June 2007

Aqaba and Red Sea

On Wednesday we went down to Aqaba. Believe me, it was hot as
hell down there and the humidity was unbelievable! But, after
dropping our bags we ran down to Red Sea and stepped in the
water. How can that water be so damned cold in such a hot place?
Since weekend had not yet begun, it wasn't so crowded on the
beaches or in the pools.

We wandered around the city. I think we looked into almost every
shop there. We found a nuts place and bought half a kilogram of
roasted mixed nuts (pistachios, almonds and cashews) and then
went to a cocktail shop that is a favorite of Zeek's. There we
drank a concoction he invented...orange juice mixed with carrot
juice. Suprisingly, it was very tasty and refreshing. The sea
breezes kept us somewhat cooler, since the sun had set by this

Next morning, we got up very early and ran down to the beach and
dived into the sea. God, that water was so cold it would take
your breath away!!! But, it was also so refreshing! Zeek actually
got out (waaay out) into the water with me and we just enjoyed
the sun and water so much.

Later in the day, more shopping then back to the beach and swam a
bit more and enjoyed a couple of beers as we watched the sunset
behind the mountains of Palestine.

Next day we enjoyed a nice breakfast (?) at Burger King and
decided to run over to the bus depot and reserve our seats for
the return to Amman. A stroke of luck led us past a bus that was
getting ready in that moment to leave, so we jumped inside,
bought tickets, got inside the bus and rolled off toward Amman. I
say it was good luck because the bus was bigger, more comfortable
and the air conditioner worked better. It was also way less
crowded than the bus we rode down to Aqaba in. Here are a few
interesting pictures we made whilst we were there.

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