20 September 2009

We finally have the new flat mostly furnished. The only things left are pictures for the walls and finish decorating and furnishing my office. We are enjoying it even more now that it is more full and comfortable.

The month of Ramadan is just finishing. In fact, today is first day of Eid. We have been downtown shopping so many nights and it's just amazing! Imagine going out to shop at 11pm or midnight and shopping till 3 or 4 am and the streets and shops are packed!!! We usually go as a group. For instance, last night it was Abozaky and me along with Emad, Abdullah, Mohammad, and Osama. We all bought new suits and shoes for the wedding of our friend "Ketchup" on 22nd. I will tell about that and post some pictures after the wedding.

We finished up the night's shopping with a great meal. We stopped at a tiny place that serves baked egg sandwiches and tea. They make their own bread, of course, and I saw dozens and dozens of loaves being taken out of the huge oven the entire time we were there. The rolls are opened and filled with white cheese and baked eggs. Then they are generously sprinkled with fresh thyme and believe me when I tell you these sandwiches are grand!! Each of us had two sandwiches with a nice cuppa tea.

We hope you will enjoy the pictures and make comments. Let us hear from you all!

Eid Mubarak to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

J - Iam so glad you are happy & having the best time - loved the new pictures - it's been raining here for about 3-4 days! looking foward to new pictures.