31 July 2008

Mount Nebo

31 July 2008 – Mount Nebo

Today we went to Mount Nebo. Zeek’s brother Ayoub and two of our friends Fadi and Hammed were with us. It was a nice drive up there, but when we arrived we learned the church is closed. They are restoring it. The mosaics from the floors had been removed and were on display in a tent outside. We laughed a lot, talked a lot and just had a good time. We were alone, just the group of us, with no tourist guides or anything like that. We just did what we wanted and left for home. All said it was a great day. After getting back to the hotel, Zeek and I looked at all our pictures, both old and new. We even looked again at all the old pictures we have made over the years since 2002. After that we went to a shawerma shop…a Chinese one!!! The sandwiches and salad were unbelievably good! And for the first time in all my trips to Middle East we drank Coca-Cola!!! As I have told you all, Pepsi is the soft drink of choice over here. More later…

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