02 November 2009

Beirut - 26 Years Later; 1000 Times Better

Beirut airport

A group of Irani tourists. Several of them RAN to me and asked to have their pictures made with me. A woman talked a mile a minute to me, smiling hugely, but since she speaks Farsi, none of us had a clue what she was saying...

Is this Abozaky near the altar...???

Ayoub is wondering what the hell he is doing here...

Am I the only one coming to Mass today?

Coming down from the tower after visiting the Virgin

Jim and Abozaky at the top

Abozaky contemplating the view


Notre Dame du Lebanon
Our Lady of Lebanon

What a view of the piazza!!!

And who are these lovely people???

This is as close as I can get to Our Lady

Jim and Ayoub coming down from the top


View from the piazza

Abozaky and Ayoub

Just off the cable car; this is the first sight of Our Lady

Abozaky and Jim in the cable car to go up the mountain

A tiny grotto filled with Koi at our hotel

May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose...
How many of you remember this song???

Ahhhhh, nothing like a argilla after a long day of touring!

Mine was melon...

My glasses were so dirty it was like trying to look through a pair of stove lids!!

The Old Man
Jounieh Caves outside Beirut

A young man and two old men...

My what big feet you have sir... is it true what they say...?

This is an amazing statue!

La Pieta in a tiny grotto at the Basilica of Notre Dame du Lebanon

This is one HELL of a stair climb!!!

Notre Dame du Lebanon

First stop after leaving the cable car

Little brother, Ayoub

Abozaky checking out the Mediterranean Sea

Jim and Abozaky enjoying the terrace in our hotel

Al Roche; Rocks in the Bay

The Three Musketeers

Jim and Abozaky at Star Square

Jim and Ayoub at Star Square

Abozaky and Jim at Star Square

Abozaky, Jim & Ayoub; Star Square

Abozaky and Jim - Check out the beautiful mosque behind us

Jim & Ayoub

Hey Rick!!! Want REAL shawerma? Come to Barbar in Beirut!

Want to make pictures? Go ahead; this is shawerma!!!

Beirut!!!! Here we come!!!!

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sheila said...

I LOVED the pics, cuz!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us back home!! I love you!!