26 December 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 (Part 1; Mansaf)

Rice being added to the Arabian bread and Jameed

Still more rice cooking

Osama 2 assembling the Mansaf dish

Jameed poured on Arabian bread

Chefs du jour
abo Zaky and Osama 2

Adding the lamb to the rice

Sprinkle generously with chopped parsley...

...and fried almonds

and voila! My favorite Arabian dish - Mansaf!!!

(l to r) Osama 1, Ibrahim, abo Zaky, Osama 2 preparing to serve mansaf

Dig in boys!!!

It got really quiet around the table for awhile...

(l to r) Ayoub, Osama 2, Mohammed, Ibrahim, Osama 1, Jim
ready to eat!

Add just a bit more jameed


How do the skinniest boys eat the most???

Ibrahim eating in the traditional Bedouin style

The "disafter"

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