03 January 2010

New Year - 2010; Aqaba & Wadi Rum

We booked a nice package for New Year celebrations. The bus took us first to Aqaba where we boarded a fair sized boat for a short cruise around Aqaba Bay in the Red Sea. We came quite close to two ships that have intrigued me for years. They are seemingly permanently anchored there.

A water slide on a boat...a very interesting idea!

First time at sea and already Zeek has that 12-mile stare...

The dancing begins...

A group of boys from Yemen who travelled with us. They were a fun-loving group!

The view coming back into port is dominated by what was once the largest flag in the world. The King himself had it made and installed here.

And of course you know that no matter where I go I will have to order up argilleh for smoking...

Dancing the night away before the old year ends

Arnod, an American guy we met at Wadi Rum. Lives in DC and works for Peace Corps

The Yemeni boys again

Ol' Big Jim prepares to dance...

Oh yeah, I can still do it!!!

Whooowee! Told you I can still do it!

Arnod, Jim, Osama, other guy

Arnod, Jim, Osama, Zeek, other guy

At the beach at Red Sea, New Year's Day

Ooookay...I think I'm pretty much done in. Back in the bus on the way home.

Happy New Year Everyone, and thank you for following our adventures through this blog. Feel free, please, to leave your comments.


rupert said...

loved the photos...surprised Jim did not split his pants...Why the scarf Jim? fashion or weather?

Ol Big Jim's Place said...

Definitely weather. It was cold as a dead dutchman in the desert that night!

Ace said...

Hello again Jim, Loved your photos of your new years. Our new year's celebration was very quite as old folks usually are. We have spent so many together,one more is just a quite time to think of all we have spent together. Of course we missed a number of them during Nam. We spent the night at home watching TV. My best to all and hope you all a happy one.

Uncle & Auntie

Anonymous said...

Jim, I love the photos! Looks like all of you had great fun! Love to all, melanie

Anonymous said...

I stand, with deep respect, in honor, of your convictions. ...and your ability to follow them.

You set such a great example for us to follow.

My sincere respect amd best wishes...thanks to your cousin Mary Frances LaPier.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Christmas comments on the photos. Loved the New Year excursion. It is about time for a new adventure can't wait to see where you will go next.
Sister Mary Cathern.

Michael said...

Hi Jim. Looks like you are still enjoying your travels!

Michael (from Aurora Diagnostics)