01 September 2010

Some Random Pictures

Not much to say, really. We are into the second half of the month, and still settling into the new flat. Ramadan with it's quiet days and busy nights will soon end with Eid al Fitr. We will see many gatherings and feasts and in fact, are having a lot of the family over for Iftar tomorrow.

Our Great Friend, Ibrahim!

Here are some few pictures we made while painting the flat before moving in,

Master Bedroom
Ibrahim "posing" in the salon

...and in the living room

And...in the living room again!

Entry from salon to hallway

of a shopping trip to City Mall

Ramadan lights at City Mall

Virgin, where I buy most of my books because the prices are fixed

View from first floor of City Mall

And from fourth floor

and another shopping trip in the Palestinian refugee camp

Absolutely anything can be found at the markets!

It's like a giant flea market

Battery operated belt buckles with streaming messages...

and from my birthday which coincided with our move to the new place.

Enjoy and comment!

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