09 March 2011

Jim, Noticed a pic of an SDA church in Amman. Do you have some connection to SDAs? Daniel

No, I've no personal connection. I made that picture especially to send to my friend back in Birmingham who is Seventh Day Adventist. At the moment, as I roam about the city and kingdom I am making pictures of all the christian churches I see to accompany a blog post I am writing about Christians in this part of the world and the good relationship they share with the Muslim majority. I hope you (and others) will find it interesting and if you do, make comments on it. Watch for it sometime after 12th March. Until then I am actively working on my post for "Blog For Jordan Day". Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Hello just moved here and I would to ask if you know where the SDA church is located at... Your help will be greatly appreciated. Ps I like your blog.