16 July 2011

Flora of Jordan

Two posts in one day! This is some kind of record, I think. I've been working on this one for some time; gathering and making pictures of flowers and plants wherever I go. Not many words for this post, but many, many pictures. I hope the ones of you who enjoy flowers will enjoy this post.

Thinking of the Middle East conjures visions of vast desert landscapes. However, Jordan has many plant species. Flowers are in evidence year round and it's a real joy to stumble upon one and photograph it. Enjoy!
The Black Iris, national flower of Jordan

Date palm

Dried seed pod in Jerash

Each time I see this photo it makes me think it's a grave

Poppy field at Iraq al-Ameer



Flame Tree

Very rare fern, thought for decades to be extinct

Snow in Amman, 2011


Cactus in Umm Qais



Forests around River Jordan, near the Baptism Site




A favorite of my Ol' Darlin' Friend, Joann Wallace; Queen Anne's Lace

Sea Onion



Tulip - There are around 18 varieties of tulips that grow wild in Jordan

Apple of Sodom


Mother said...

Of course you know how I love flowers and these are beautiful. Some even look somewhat like what we have here. I especially love the black Iris. I've wanted a few of those for a long time and can now get some. Other look a lot like some I have, one looks like my surprise lillie. The pine looks a little strange, not like ours. love you

Anonymous said...

Seems my comment did not post. As you know I love flowers and many here look like what we have here. I especially love the roses & prickly pear cactus. The Olive grove is something I've always wanted to see. To shorten this, I love the all. Love & miss you Mother

Anonymous said...

Wow! You make me see the beauty of Jordan that I otherwise miss! Where did you find the apples of Sodom? That was incredible. And mistletoe in Jordan?! What?! So appreciated your photos!

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