22 May 2011

End of the World...

Over the past few weeks a great deal of discussion, cussing, derision and promises have been made about the “End of the World” that was to have taken place yesterday. Thankfully, at least from my perspective and circle of friends, humor was the overriding emotion.

Most of you have probably noticed by now that the world did not, in fact end yesterday. Everything is going on at its usual pace. Wars are still being fought all round the globe, people are still hungry, sad, unemployed, retired, working, happy and just glad to be alive. In short, with the possible exception of a few misguided souls, life goes on.

The sun rose over Jordan on 23 May 2011
I cannot fathom the depth of disappointment and embarrassment the doom-sayers must be feeling today. Perhaps 21 May 2011 will come to be known as the “Second Great Disappointment” after the original disappointment when the world didn't end as predicted by William Miller, whose followers came to be known as “Millerites”. When his original prediction didn’t come to fruition he and his staff announced a miscalculation and announced a second and a third date. The Christian Advent Church and the Seventh Day Advent Church grew out of the Great Disappointment.

Here are a few posters and charts from the Millerite days:

Millerite prophecy chart for 1843

Beginning of Miller's "70 Week" prophecy

Miller's 2300 day prophecy timeline relating to 70 Weeks

Another interesting Millerite chart
Of course, Miller wasn't the last one to predict the end of the world, and the latest Rev Camping won't be the last.

Rev Camping

How to get ready? What to pack? Should I have a haircut?

A "guarantee", that might cause some problems...

Interesting place to put a tract about the "end"...

I can't help wondering what will grow out of the Second Great Disappointment.

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