15 May 2011

Souk Jara - Rainbow Street - Jabal Amman

Entrance to the famous Souk Jara in Rainbow Street
Souk Jara! After much anticipation and excitement, I finally made it over to the famous souk in Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman. To say I was disappointed would be something of an understatement. The blogs and columns I've read about it led me to believe it was a "flea market". And, I reckon it was a flea market... of sorts. As far as I could tell, however, it was a souk designed to capture and appeal to foreign tourists. Almost every piece of merchandise I saw, I have seen in various "tourist trap" type gift shops all round the kingdom.

This chap had rather an interesting marketing idea. Notice he has a tiny beehive on his booth top showing the bees actually making the honey! 

abo Zaky and Osama trying to figure out where to go next

Notice the pastry he is tossing in the air? It's almost as think as tissue paper.. think phyllo!

Old cameras, 8mm moving cameras, phonographs, typewriter, etc. One of the few really interesting booths in the souk

And who doesn't love a bit of bote3?

Leaving Souk Jara

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Ehab said...

Sorry you found it disappointing. Yeah, I guess it's not really a flea market. The batee5 is really good, however!