30 May 2011

Palestine Revisited via Rafah Border Opening

I can’t help celebrating the courageous step by Egypt in opening the Rafah border crossing! It is a tiny step in the right direction for a change. Attempts by Israel to isolate Gazan citizens have been greatly hampered by the lifting of the four year old blockade. The blockade was imposed after the free elections in Gaza installed Hamas as the governing party in 2007. Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak cooperated with the Israeli regime in the border closure and allowed very limited passage of Palestinians. Students, businessmen and medical patients were eligible to travel, but often were required to wait months for approvals.

The politicians and pundits are crying to anyone who will listen (which sadly, is the majority) that an open border between Gaza and Egypt will allow for the importation of weapons and expertise from the “evil Iranians”. As stated, and quite rightly so, by my friend Brian in his blog Pilgrim Without a Shrine, they are probably already there. And why wouldn’t they be there? As prisoners in their own land the Palestinian people are desperate to receive any help available. Unfortunately, that needed help isn’t coming from the US and damned little is coming from Europe.

When a person, or entity, comes into your house and throws you out because some mythical god has made a promise to give your house to him, are you likely to accept it and go quietly on your way? Or, are you more likely, going to fight him in any way possible to eject him from your house? Any right thinking person is going to defend his home against any- and everyone. Yet, when Palestinians attempt to defend their homes and ancestral lands they are characterized as terrorists. Look objectively at the situation. Lands were stolen, homes destroyed, ancient olive groves uprooted and burnt, new houses and apartment complexes built on the stolen land, indigenous people forbidden to drive on or build near the new roads… who is the terrorist?

I’m constantly astonished when the free elections in 2007 that were pushed so strongly by the US and Israel are now characterized as a “power siezure”. An election in the US was rigged, and some use the term “stolen” just a few years before the Palestine election. Were diplomatic ties severed? Of course not, The nations of the world continued to deal with the US despite the obvious corruption that not only continued to exist,but grew like a cancer under the direction of the new “president”. The election of Hamas to power should have been embraced by all the nations of the world. Diplomatic relations should have continued and been strengthened. Instead, the US and Zionists didn’t expect that outcome, disapproved of it and immediately dismissed it.

Obama has indicated that a return to 1967 borders is in order. For this suggestion he has been castigated in the media, scorned by Congress and most recently had his face publically slapped by none other than Benyamin Netanyahu. Let’s rub a bit of salt into that wound. That roundhouse slap from ‘Bibi” was delivered, not from Jerusalem, but from the floor of the United States Congress. When the slap was continually administered the members of both houses of Congress gave countless rounds of thunderous applause and repeated ovations! The message to the President was clear; “Say what you like, but we have been bought and paid for by AIPAC and our loyalty is NOT to our constituents, the Constitution, nor to you, our President, it is to the Zionist regime in Israel.”  The 1967 border is not some line arbitrarily chosen by President Obama. That border was established by the United Nations following the war. All other member nations of the UN are required to abide by its decisions; not Israel. They flout the UN authority on a daily basis, knowing there will be no repercussions. They signed the Oslo Accords and have consistently broken every clause it contained, knowing there will be no repercussions. Now though, Obama has “endangered relations with Israel” by making such an audacious recommendation. It is my humble opinion that the real shame is that the US continues relations with Israel given the current terroristic stance against the Palestinians. Diplomatic relations and the billions of dollars siphoned to the real Middle Eastern terrorists should be cut off completely and abruptly. AIPAC should be packed up and thrown out of the country and the members of Congress who have accepted the AIPAC bribes should be recalled and permanently banned from political service. Each one of them is a supporter of terrorism.

Bibi claims the borders of 1967 are indefensible. It’s not the border that’s indefensible, it’s the displacement, land theft and outright terrorism on the part of the Zionist regime that is indefensible. Building colonies in militarily occupied territories is absolutely forbidden by Geneva Convention. There is no grey area here; It. Is. Forbidden. Yet, it goes on day after day, week after week, year after year and not one of the dominant governments seriously objects to it. Each time a Palestinian does or says something unacceptable to the terrorists, their response is to build a few hundred more houses on stolen property.

Palestine has stated the intention of going to the UN to unilaterally declare statehood. Suddenly, half the governments of the world are screaming that it can’t, or mustn’t be done. It must be a mutually agreed declaration. Check your history; I have. What country, declaring independence from an occupying power has done it by “mutual agreement”? The few examples I’ve been able to find were countries occupied by the United Kingdom. And even those mutually agreed breaks of the occupation resulted in membership in the British Commonwealth with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. So, are they really independent nations, or is it still occupation under a different name?

Because the US is a central figure in the Palestine/Israel debacle, let’s examine their declaration of independence. After many appeals to King George were ignored or retaliated, did the colonists sit down and reach a mutually agreed independence? They did not. It was an armed uprising; a revolt. It was the American Revolution that created the United States. Nothing less would have accomplished it. Country after country right around the globe has had to do the same thing. Revolution after revolution has resulted in the establishment of independent states and nations. But, somehow it must be done differently in Palestine. They are revolting against “God’s chosen people” and that is simply unacceptable. God’s chosen people, my ass!

Americans making a unilateral declaration of statehood

Now is the time for Palestine to make their unilteral declaration before the United Nations. Now is the time for the handful of countries round the world who have already recognized Palestinian statehood to step up and render assistance in the armed revolution that is sure to take place. Now is the time for the US and Europe to cast off their fear of Israel and AIPAC and support the occupied victims of 60+ years of systematic terrorism and help them to establish a free and independent Palestine. Further, it is the duty of the Arab states to render assistance and to continue to help them defend their sovereign borders against a rogue, terrorist state.

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